Paragliding in BC

Paragliding in BC

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Balance is a funny thing. People talk about how important it is, although some say true balance doesn't exist and striving to find balance is the point itself.

The definition of balance, or rather choosing which items are most important to us, constantly changes. If we discover an addictive sport or hobby we immediately find a way to include this newfound passion in our lives while still attempting to maintain the sense "balance" we had beforehand. If you're like me and find new interests all the time, the number of things you're attempting to fit in to your life keeps growing. Just thinking of how you're going to try and balance everything can get overwhelming.

There are a few new things on my plate right now, like a paragliding course I'm putting on (that I'm super excited about) plus a full-scale job hunt in the works. This has made me look at balance in a new way, since before I didn't really have any. My schedule was wake-up, fly, eat, sleep. Although I wouldn't say I felt "out of balance" before, I definitely felt like I was missing out on other things in my life. I was lucky to be a paragliding bum for sure, and if the weather cooperates I hope to have a spring and summer full of paragliding (cross-country, competitions and flying tandems), but this time I'll be sure to let other experiences into my life too.

Is there such a thing as balance then? I think things even themselves out in the long run and you'll go crazy trying to find that perfect balance across everything you want to do. Focus on what's important now, don't forget that living a full life and having fun is just as important as paying your rent and congratulate yourself when you get one more thing checked off your to-do list. Personally I recommend doing that with a nice glass of red wine.