Paragliding in BC

Paragliding in BC

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finding Direction

It's the beginning of April and I've only had 2 flights this year! I've missed a good day or two but mostly the weather just hasn't been playing nice, with high winds and then a big snowfall blocking the drive up to launch.

My blog has been also been quiet as I've been working a lot more outside the house so I can work less when tandem season starts. I should re-phrase that, I hope to be able to work less in my non-flying jobs when the sun shines. Flying tandems is so much fun that I forget it's a job most of the time! My business is also coming along nicely, recently I designed and taught a course for pilots called Introduction to Competitions since both the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Nationals are being held a couple of hours away from my main flying site this summer. A lot of pilots were interested in learning what exactly was involved in a competition, and a handful of them interested in becoming true competition pilots which is fantastic! I love seeing our competition scene grow. Canada needs to represent!

As for my own flying, a few things are still up in the air which will determine my path this upcoming season. I was really hoping to attend at least 2 FAI comps this year, but 2012 may have to be more about saving money, building a solid base and supporting others in realizing their flying dreams. As long as I can zoom around the sky on a sunny day, hopping from thermal to thermal I'm sure I'll make it. I'm not giving up yet though, life is definitely full of surprises!