Paragliding in BC

Paragliding in BC

Monday, April 29, 2013

Going full bar

"Going full bar" is a term used in paragliding that means "full speed ahead".  It's a method we use to get to our destination faster while in the air, but it can also translate to setting your eye on a goal and going for it, and it's what I'm doing now with my flying business.

Three years ago I got my instructing and tandem ratings and began dreaming of making a living doing what I loved.  People were incredibly supportive and genuinely wished me success.  It was surprising how many local pilots had approached different wing and harness manufacturers to sell their equipment here so they could follow their own dreams of living off a paragliding-related income.  Most were denied since they weren't instructors so they encouraged me to sell gear once I became qualified.  It wasn't my immediate focus then (and I didn't have the cash to buy demo products which a lot of companies required) so I started my business with introductory tandem flights.

My business grew steadily as I decided to look at paragliding instruction differently and offered different options such as one-on-one coaching and theory classes.  With constant inquiries on tandems, coaching and flying lessons lately I've been trying to figure out how to work full time and keep running the paragliding side of things.  How can it be possible to earn enough to buy all the necessities (and ok...a few luxuries too) and still pursue my passion of helping others achieve their flying goals?

Luckily, I work at a company that cares about the personal and professional success of all their employees.  Every day at work we discuss one of our company values and how it relates to what we do.  All our actions are guided by these values (such as respect, integrity, and teamwork) and it fosters a very healthy job environment.  They match my own values, and nowadays it actually surprises me when I encounter people who act unethically in business or take joy in trying to destroy someone else's dreams.  Such a change from work where my manager's passion is developing people to their full potential.  It's something that seems to come naturally to her, and I'm learning more every day in how to bring that to the coaching side of my own flying business.

There a lot of lessons from both parts of my life that help each other.  I've learned I can succeed at whatever I set my mind to, that I can be faced with a huge project and everything comes together when you work as a team.  I've learned that I can't put my paragliding business on hold, not even for a little while, because flying has been an integral part of me for 15 years and will be for the rest of my life.  I have learned that when you have a goal in mind that the universe really does conspire FOR you!

So I'm going "Full bar" with my business, confident that it will all work out.  Jet Set Paragliding is about to start carrying some more exciting products and is also putting on new courses to help everyone achieve their personal goals.  Through teamwork we are also a part of more community events that include every level of pilot and as always, all courses and gatherings are open to everyone.  There is no us-versus-them to be found here.  We're a small enough community as it is and excluding anyone is just silly.  We all share the same passion so let's support, encourage and help each other to be even better!

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