Paragliding in BC

Paragliding in BC

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Coach Eagle

Mother Nature must have overheard I was training, and sent me the world's best flying coach.

I saw this bald eagle flying a short distance away, and started my comparatively slow journey over to join this bird's thermal.  The eagles at our site are used to flying with us, so flying together isn't new to pilot or eagle.  Well, we try and fly with them but with their superior skills we don't often get too close.  But they sometimes share a turn or two while thermalling with us and then fly off all majestic-like.

My game plan here was to merge in behind this eagle and follow the established pattern, but as you can see by the video, this eagle almost seemed to say "Hey dumbo, the lift is over here!  Follow me!" Sure enough when I did a left turn to follow, my vario started beeping (you can just hear it if you turn the volume up) and it turned into a great thermal!

So stoked I decided to strap my GoPro to my helmet that day.  Thanks coach!