Paragliding in BC

Paragliding in BC

Thursday, October 6, 2011


If you were reading this blog when I was competing at the Rat Race you may remember the post about the TV crew that was around filming us. Well here's the finished product!:

It's cool to see a video that explains a paragliding competition so accurately. Well mostly. There are not many of us who look or act like the long-haired guy they interview but they got most of the other stuff right. I'm beyond excited to have gotten my first time into goal on video...and LOVE the fact that they refer to me as a "young pilot". And they say Hollywood is cruel...ha ha.


Alex said...

Martina, you are a consummate rock star. Unlike that long haired guy. He's a wannabe. I remember you telling me how they interviewed you at your first goal, but I wasn't really aware of them being there. I guess that's why I'm not anywhere in the footage. Unless I imagine that some of the blurry little orange and red wings might have been mine. Hey, see that little blur in the corner - that was me!

Martina said...

The camera crew would've got a lot more "woo-hoo-ing" if they'd been at Donato's! I was actually looking at the pictures from that awesome goal day just last happy to have shared it with you.

And hey, at least they got Reaper in there to represent for you island boys!