Paragliding in BC

Paragliding in BC

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stop Posting…Start Living!

By now we've all seen pictures like this going around the Internet.  Whether on Facebook, Pinterest or any other number of social media sites, we love posting these inspiring and motivational quotes.  And while you may get a rush when you read them, how often do you actually follow through and

Do. Something. Amazing.?

I'm lucky enough to experience adventure almost every day through my passion of paragliding and by taking others along as we run together off perfectly good mountains.  People come for a tandem flight for so many reasons - it's on the bucket list, to get over a fear of heights, to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, to shake up a life of sitting at a desk all day while hearing co-workers talk about the incredible things they did over the weekend while you watched whole seasons of who-knows-what on Netflix.  One of my favourites is when people share that they have had flying dreams ever since they were a kid and want to capture that feeling in real life.  And they do!

Whatever the reason, paragliding can be the catalyst for change that people are looking for.  "If I can run off a mountain, then I can definitely ask my boss for a raise!".  The lesson learned is that anxiousness is all in the anticipation, and once you've (literally) taken the first step and gone all in, the rest becomes an incredible and beautiful ride.

The time is now - stop talking and start doing!  Then you can post your own pictures of the moment you found that magic again, somewhere between 2000 feet up and the point your feet touched ground.

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