Paragliding in BC

Paragliding in BC

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Countdown to the Paragliding Nationals!

Countdown to the Nats is on!

That means tying up loose ends at work, and the fun stuff like last night when I received my box of goodies from Skywalk paragliders! It was full of clothes and gear - some of which I ordered and some was new and shiny Team Pilot swag. I'm a mail junkie to start with (and am probably one of the last people alive to still have a pen pal), so parcels are like a letter x 1000 on my excitement scale. I'm kind of like a 5 year old on sugar when the delivery truck pulls up. 

So now the fun/not fun process of packing begins. I ordered a new glider bag which is super streamlined so will be lighter in my harness when flying and will take up way less room. It's also ergonomically designed for hiking, which I swear I'm going to get back into this fall. 

Anyway, since I mentioned I'm totally like a kid - wanna see my new stuff???

And here's the new glider bag with my whole kit in it - bulky pod (cocoon) harness and all:  

 3 more days!!!

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